American Evolution: The Silence Between is the fourth phase of the larger American Evolution project that has produced The American Evolution: Piano Variations and the award winning The American Evolution: Piano Sonatas. Phase three's Prelude album was awarded the Silver Medal by the Global Music Awards and was awarded the American Prize Competitions Special Judges Citation: Exceptional Commitment to Music by Americans.

Recorded in Ford Auditorium at Berry College, this CD contains a fantastic collection of contemporary programmatic piano pieces by some of the most talented composers of our time.

I have included a number of examples in the "Listen" section. Below you will find the track list with the associated web pages listings for each composer on the 'links' tab. They are all remarkable people with imaginative ideas to share with you. Enjoy!!

Dark/Light Trent Hanna
Prelude No. 13 Jason Bahr
Blood on the Curb Greg Simon
Haints in the Pines Chris Ferebee
The Language of Flowers Matthew McCabe
Epilogue in A flat minor Fahad Siadat
Deep Into the Darkness Peering Trent Hanna
Gliese 581c Emily Doolittle
Illustration I. - glass Joshua Nuñez
Epilogue in C major Fahad Siadat
Fumée d’Ambre Gris Theodore Wiprud
Epilogue in B minor Fahad Siadat

The complete CD is available through 4Tay Records, and this website.